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Intellectual Property, Technology and Media


Intellectual property and technology are the currencies of the Information Age, and the Intellectual Property & Technology group of Goetz Fitzpatrick stands ready to help your company protect and increase the value of those assets. Our team understands where and how technology intersects with law, and we command a broad understanding of intellectual property and the technologies to which its concepts apply. Our view of the legal treatment of intellectual property is balanced and integrated, keeping in mind that rapidly developing technologies occur amid legal systems steeped in traditions and principles that are often slow to change. Our goal is to help our clients prosper in this exciting and promising field by paving their way with timely, resourceful and critical legal advice and service.

Our attorneys handle the following:

  • Copyrights: We advise clients concerning copyrights, register copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office and litigate copyright infringement actions.

  • Commercial Litigation: Our attorneys have knowledge and experience in trade secret theft, confidentiality violations, non-compete agreements, antitrust litigation and investigation, and other areas. We represent clients in:

  • Trademark and unfair competition litigation

  • Copyright litigation

  • Trade secret protection and litigation matters

  • Federal and International Trade Commission issues

  • Contractual Negotiation, Development and Litigation: Our attorneys have the experience to review and advise you on any negotiable instruments including all types of contracts, agreements, memoranda of understanding and letters of intent related to intellectual property and technology. We can help you develop contractual agreements that protect you and your business. If you find your business in conflict, our contract litigation attorneys are experienced in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and civil procedures, including pre-litigation analysis and investigation.

  • Computer and Software Protection: We develop and implement strategies for protecting software through development agreements, licensing, patents, trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks and litigation.

  • Communications Law: We advise clients concerning proprietary rights in material published in newspapers, books or magazines, or broadcast by radio, television or satellite.

  • Entertainment: Our team advises on, drafts and negotiates contracts for music recording, music and book publishing, and movie and television production packaging deals.

  • Franchising: Our attorneys have experience in the representation of franchisors with respect to their distribution networks, both in the United States and abroad. We prepare franchise agreements and other ancillary agreements required by franchisors in their relationship with their franchises. We also have prepared Uniform Franchise Offering Circulars for use by our franchise clients with respect to their activities in the United States, and have assisted in franchise registration in numerous states. When a client has indicated the desire to avoid the franchise pre-sale disclosure and registration regime in its entirety, we have also provided advice as to ways its business affairs could be conducted in order to accomplish that goal.

  • Internet and Cyberspace: We advise our clients on negotiating competing claims for domain names, as well as asset protection of proprietary rights to materials published on the Web. Our lawyers have considerable experience in specific Internet use issues, as well as in the intellectual property and commercial issues that relate to transactions involving this medium. We manage trademark and advertising issues relating to the Internet and represent private interests in areas of public law that deal with the Internet (e.g. the Communications Decency Act). We also handle enforcement and defense matters impacted by the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act, including anti-circumvention issues and safe harbor provisions for online service providers.

  • Software Technology: We protect companies’ proprietary software and customized programming, and negotiate software-related contracts such as licenses and maintenance agreements. We represent purchasers of deficient software systems as they seek relief from manufacturers, and we litigate software system infringement issues. We also prepare and prosecute patent applications covering software and computer technology, including business method and Internet-related inventions.

  • International Protection: We offer assistance to our clients in pursuing all forms of intellectual property protection in foreign countries. We coordinate with foreign specialty firms practicing before foreign tribunals and agencies, and we help companies organize and maximize their multinational intellectual property assets.

  • Trademarks: We assist in the selection of trademarks, conduct trademark clearance searches, prosecute trademark applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and litigate trademark infringement and related actions.

  • Trade Secrets: Our attorneys identify and evaluate trade secrets, customize programs for effective protection of company trade secrets, license trade secrets and litigate misappropriation actions.