Mar 24

Goetz Fitzpatrick Obtains Dismissal on Behalf of the Princeton Club of New York

Goetz Fitzpatrick attorneys John Simoni and Joel MacMull shut the door on an engineering consultant who claimed he was owed hundreds of thousands of dollars pursuant to a contract allegedly entered into with the Princeton Club of New York in 2007.

Relying on the New York Court of Appeals decision in Hahn Auto. Warehouse, Inc. v. Am. Zurich Ins. Co., 18 N.Y.3d 765, 770 (2012), Goetz Fitzpatrick was able to show that plaintiff’s allegations (even assuming their truth) were time-barred under New York’s six-year statute of limitations. Plaintiff’s companion claims of promissory estoppel and for an account stated were also dismissed as defective. Read this short opinion highlighting some basic but essential New York law here.

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