Oct 21

Dinan hosts conversation about sovereign debt restructuring

On October 20, 2016, Donald R. Dinan hosted a conversation for alumni of the London School of Economics (LSE) entitled “The Politics and Policy of Sovereign Debt Restructuring.” The event took place in Goetz Fitzpatrick LLP’s conference center.

One of the most important issues in modern economics is how sovereign states tackle excessive debt burdens. Government indebtedness has been on the rise for decades, accelerating post 2008, and the challenges of sovereign debt restructuring remain real for a number of states globally.

The event featured Robin Wigglesworth, a Financial Times correspondent who has been writing about capital markets for a decade. Chaired by Edward Price, Americas editor of the International Financial Law Review, the discussion explored Mr. Wigglesworth’s views on the nature of sovereign debt restructuring, and why it is such an important topic in the modern world and how to analyse the issue from a political and policy-based perspective.

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