November 1

Have You Googled Your Arbitrator?

This article appeared in the November 1st 2004 issue of The New Jersey Law Journal Download Article Many litigators can relate to the following scenario: A client contacts you to say that he has received an adverse award as a respondent in an arbitration proceeding and asks what you can do to vacate the award..

April 9

The Time May Be Right for an Outright Repeal of the Wicks Law

Download original article from The New York Law Journal. When a private developer embarks upon a construction project, an important up-front decision centers on which delivery system to employ to construct the project. Many owners prefer to retain a single general contractor whose responsibility is to build the entire project. Others elect to hire a.

October 14

Lowest Responsible Bidder Denied Contract Cannot Recover Lost Profits

California’s Supreme Court recently reversed a court of appeal’s decision that affirmed a lower court’s denial of bid preparation costs to a “disappointed” bidder on a public contract. (Kajima/Ray Wilson vs. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.) In November 1994, Kajima/Ray Wilson was the lowest bidder on a public project building a station and tunnels.

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