October 30

Farkas publishes article on scope of arbitrator’s powers

Goetz Fitzpatrick associate Brian Farkas has published an article entitled “Arbitrators Taking Charge: Can Arbitrators Ask Parties to Brief Issues Sua Sponte” in The New York County Lawyer, the flagship publication of the New York County Lawyers Association (NYCLA). The piece appears on the front page of the October/November 2014 issue, and discusses a recent.

September 23

Coleman quoted by Bloomberg on USPTO’s registration of “disparaging” trademarks

One of the most talked-about developments in trademark law news this past year has involved the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s determination on whether to cancel the Washington Redskins’ registration. In June 2014, the three-judge panel ruled 2-1 to withdraw trademark protection because it said the nickname is insulting to Native Americans. This decision.

August 6

Scott D. Simon publishes article on Dodd-Frank and whistleblower claims

What effect does the Dodd-Frank Act have on pre-dispute arbitration agreements in employment contracts when employees have whistleblower claims? In his new article titled “Dodd-Frank Act Does Not Prevent Arbitration of Non-Whistleblower Claims,” Goetz Fitzpatrick attorney Scott D. Simon analyzes the recent Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals case Santoro v. Accenture Federal Services, LLC, 748.

July 10

Protecting Brockerage Commissions in Resuscitated Deals

Protecting Brockerage Commissions in Resuscitated Deals By Howard M. Rubin Partner, Goetz Fitzpatrick LLP Sometimes, in real estate transactions, the dead can come back to life. The most common fact pattern presented to me in brokerage disputes is where the broker introduces a prospective purchaser to a property and for whatever reason the deal falls.

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