June 15

Construction Law Briefing (May – June 08)

Historic storm leads to contract termination … and a lawsuit Recent federal decisions limit copyright protection of architectural plans Fire and rain: A builders risk policy dispute Don’t just file that insurance policy – follow it! PLUS! CLB Quickcase Download original file.

May 1

George Bruckman Honored by Syracuse

George Bruckman L’59, graduated high school, college, and law school, and served in the Air Force—all by the time he reached the age of 23. “I was very ambitious,” he says. “ I wanted to get as far as I could as fast as I could.” Born during the Depression, Bruckman came to Syracuse and.

May 1

Ruling Puts Developers Between Rock and Hard Place, Brokers Weekly

Brokers Weekly reports, quoting Goetz Fitzpatrick partner Howard Rubin: A court ruling could force developers to return developers to return hundreds of millions of dollars in deposits to disgruntled buyers who got cold feet when the recession set it. . . . “This leaves the sponsor between a rock and a hard place — either.

October 1

Construction Law Briefing (September – October 08)

Consider some government work? Additional rules may apply Actions speak louder than words.  When contracts are ambiguous, courts look to conduct Tanks but no tanks: Neglected permit fuels lawsuit Court confronts statutory notice requirement in homebuilding dispute PLUS! CLB Quickcase Download original.

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