October 1

Construction Law Briefing (September – October 08)

Consider some government work? Additional rules may apply Actions speak louder than words.  When contracts are ambiguous, courts look to conduct Tanks but no tanks: Neglected permit fuels lawsuit Court confronts statutory notice requirement in homebuilding dispute PLUS! CLB Quickcase Download original.

April 8

Construction Law Briefing (March – April 08)

Abiding by a recovery schedule is key to preserving legal rights Who pays for transportation to and from the job site? Arbitration case turns on two magic words: “Change order” “Trust fund” conflicts often complicate the bankruptcy process Liability insurance doesn’t cover everything – but it did cover this Download original file.

February 22

Construction Law Briefing (January – February 08)

Seeing a claim through to fruition requires an eye for details Miller Act time limits may affect payment contingency Contractors may face new public safety liability Got insurance paperwork? Don’t let it slide Criminal actions: An extreme case of kiting funds Download original file.

December 10

Peter Goetz named Executive of the Month

NEW YORK, NY – Peter Goetz, both a graduate civil engineer and practicing attorney, was for the last two consecutive years listed by New York Magazine as a “Best Lawyer” and by the New York Times as a “Super Lawyer” in the fields of construction, surety and real estate law. Goetz, commenting on these honors,.

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